Raw materials and energy sources

Lignite, coal, gas, uranium, water and biomass – these are the raw materials from which we generate electricity and energy. Naturally, the use of the fossil fuels coal and gas has a long tradition with RWE. For over 100 years now, we have been generating the electricity that comes out of plug sockets all over the country. Hydropower also has a similarly long history at RWE. 

Under pressure from all the political parties at the time, our company started expanding in nuclear power from the 1960s. Since the reactor meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, however, Germany is committed to phasing out nuclear power. Our last nuclear power facility, Lingen nuclear power plant, will be taken offline at the end of 2022. 

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Biomass replacing coal

The use of biomass is relatively new to our portfolio. Here, we use pellets made from compressed wood from sustainable sources, which we burn in our Dutch power plants in Amer and Eemshaven. Biomass is scheduled to gradually replace coal there over time.   

All of our raw materials have their advantages, such as the relatively low-cost native lignite, or CO2-free nuclear power. However, fossil fuels in particular do have disadvantages. It is impossible to extract and use them without impacting the environment. 

For that reason, protecting the climate is a matter close to our hearts. We don’t just want to do well in that regard – we want to do better! 

New technologies to protect the climate

Particularly in terms of conventional power generation, this is a task of truly Herculean proportion. But it is one we are happy to face, for example by optimising and modernising our fleet of power plants on an ongoing basis. 

To do this, we draw on innovative concepts, such as the new, highly efficient BoAplus plant, which we were able to construct to the stated efficiency specifications. We also draw on promising technologies that enable us to reduce the emissions of damaging greenhouse gases to a minimum. 

Habitats for humans and animals

This also involves the recultivation of former mines, which creates new habitats for flora and fauna and local recreation areas for residents in the area.

And these are just a few examples of many. They all represent the fact that, for us, “POWERING. RELIABLE. FUTURE” is also a matter for the climate and the environment. 



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