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We represent a secure, reliable energy supply.

Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern digitised society. Data networks, transport, competitive industries and building infrastructures – all have one thing in common: they are all powered by electricity.?

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With its three operating divisions – Lignite & Nuclear, European Power and Supply & Trading – RWE AG plays a vital role in the operation of the energy system and in securing supply in Europe. Our fourth pillar is our majority shareholding in innogy SE.??

Despite challenging market conditions, RWE makes a major contribution towards stabilising the European energy system. Conventional power generation will continue to be a?partner to renewable energy sources in the future. Furthermore, through our trading activities we are able to balance out the massive fluctuations in energy generated by renewables.

RWE Power

RWE Power is a reliable cornerstone of a modern electricity?supply. The company operates three opencast mines in the Rhineland. With their secure and flexible capacity, its coal-fired and nuclear power plants contribute to maintaining security of supply in the European power system while an ever greater proportion of energy is generated from renewable sources.

RWE Generation

Within the RWE Group, RWE Generation SE, based in Essen, Germany, generates power from gas, hard coal, hydroelectric, and biomass. Under one umbrella, this company brings together the expertise of employees in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey. Together, we operate power plants with a total capacity of around 25 gigawatts. With their secure and flexible output, the plants contribute towards ensuring secure and reliable supply in the European power grid as the share of naturally volatile renewable energy increases.

With our gas, hard-coal, hydroelectric and biomass power plants, we work towards ensuring that power is generated in an even more environmentally friendly manner in the future, and that affordable electricity is reliably supplied to sockets everywhere. The company is proud to work on this task that is so crucial for the future.

RWE Supply & Trading

RWE Supply & Trading is a leading European energy trading company and is active on the global trading markets for energy and energy-related commodities. We are a hub for commodities in both physical and derivative form, e.g. for gas, coal, oil and electricity. The trading portfolio also includes emissions certificates, freight, weather derivatives and biomass. We take responsibility for the commercial optimisation of our power stations and for RWE’s non-regulated gas business. We offer major industrial companies and trading partners trading-based portfolio management, long-term supply concepts and risk management solutions.

innogy SE

innogy is one of Europe’s leading energy companies. With its three divisions of Renewables, Grid and Infrastructure, and Retail, it addresses the needs of a modern, decentralised and digital energy system. innogy's main aim is to provide both existing and potential customers with innovative and sustainable products and services that enable them to use energy more efficiently and enhance their quality of life. The RWE AG subsidiary began operating on 1 April 2016 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 7 October 2016.

RWE is an important partner and is the backbone of the changing energy markets in Europe.


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