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We represent a secure and reliable energy supply – that’s RWE.

Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern digitised society. Data networks, transport, competitive industries and building infrastructures – all have one thing in common: they are all powered by electricity.  

For some, electricity is already the primary means of propulsion, while for others, it will play a much bigger role in the future than it does today. As a result, demand for electricity is set to increase.  

Now more than ever before, electricity is a product with excellent potential – particularly for RWE. In order to maintain a reliable supply of energy to society, over the long term we will still need power plants that are able to provide electricity whenever it is needed.   

It is on this basis that RWE is moving forward. Its strategy is based on three aims 


RWE will continue to optimise its operational power plant business.  

RWE power plants will remain best in class. Our nuclear power plants will continue to be run safely and then efficiently dismantled and we have a clear CO2 reduction programme for our lignite power plants.


RWE draws on potential throughout its entire business. 

The transformation of the energy system will have an impact on the composition of the power plant portfolio over the long term. RWE wants to develop its portfolio of flexible assets and position itself strategically, operatively and organisationally in such a way that major market developments can be anticipated and addressed. The main aim of our energy trading business is long-term profitability. In the coming years, RWE wants to grow organically in this area.


RWE is a driving force behind new solutions for ensuring security of supply. Securing energy supply is a key challenge for the energy transition. For this reason, it is important to develop today a vision of the far-off future, taking account of technologies such as power-to-gas, power-to-liquid and large-scale battery units. Such technologies are key to the success of the energy transition. RWE will be an active part of these developments, right from the start.  

So RWE has a clear plan for the future: we deliver security of supply. RWE is an active player in and the backbone of the transformation of European energy systems. RWE provides secure and affordable energy for national economies, companies and, above all, people. That’s our mission – and we pour all of our energy, expertise and innovation into achieving it.  

RWE is and always will be a company with a clear aim:


As the backbone of security of supply in our core regions 

We provide grid stability and security of supply through our large, flexible power plant portfolio in Germany, as well as our highly efficient power plants in the UK and the Netherlands. This makes us a partner in the energy transition in Europe. 

As a reliable and flexible provider of an affordable, secure energy supply 

We have a wide-ranging power plant portfolio of gas, coal, lignite, nuclear, hydro and biomass. This makes us strong in the face of market risks affecting individual energy sources. 

As a leading energy trader in the biggest markets in Europe and beyond 

We are active on the global trading markets for energy and energy-related commodities, such as electricity, gas, coal and oil. Liquid markets are the guarantee for efficient security of supply for our European economy. 

As a partner to our customers, providing tailored and comprehensive solutions for their energy supply 

We offer our industrial customers, trading partners and municipal utilities security as well as innovative, tailored solutions for their energy supply.


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